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Recently I had the pleasure of painting a portrait of the inspiration for a new company that was created by a friend of mine, Dorie Stratton. She has owned and trained Scotties and Westies as therapy dogs, whose visits have brought smiles to many residents of Atlanta area nursing & assisted living facilities.

HALOS FOR PAWSNot long ago, she rescued a blind Scottie named "Scotty Boy" and saw what a difficult time he was having as he bumped into items inside the home and found trips outside equally frustrating. Dorie designed a vest that adjusts with Velcro and houses a flexible tubing which acts as a soft bumper when a dog gets too close to a fixed object. The vest received a tremendous amount of support from veterinarians and other owners of blind pets and a new company was born . . . HALOS FOR PAWS. Dorie and Scotty Boy have received nationwide accolades from FOX 5 NEWS and the word has reached many people whose pets need help navigating their environment.

The oil on canvas of Scotty Boy was a joy to paint, but the "halo" presented a unique artistic challenge since I didn't want it to cover his face or go over his head like its angelic namesake. A version similar to the actual material was crafted, consisting of an ice maker tube threaded with picture frame wire. Tiny holes were drilled through the canvas (I held my breath) and a brace was attached behind the frame to anchor the wire and hold it firm. The end result turned out great and has been extremely well-received. Does this qualify for mixed media art???

I hope you enjoy the portrait of Scotty Boy, the inspiration for HALOS FOR PAWS. For more information, go to HALOS FOR PAWS.com with a link to the FOX 5 News nationwide article.

Carleen Wesson

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